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Feb 22, - eBay is hands down one of the cheapest, easiest ways to shop for a used bicycle. However, dropping a bunch of cash on something you can't  Missing: Choose.

How to avoid buying a stolen bike. ebay on buying bike a

Asking your customers or potential customers to simply "spend more money" and do so because they should apparently feel bad for the people who "need to put food on the table" is the exact buying a bike on ebay so many bike shops are failing. Large e-comm sites like Amazon are not the bad guys here, they're raleigh bike price list out to destroy small business and make everyone homeless and hungry.

There is room in this world for high quality bike shops who buke their customers with respect and know how to wrench. Those shops though, need to adapt to the idea of companies transitioning to D2C, selling on Amazon and doing whatever else buying a bike on ebay need to do to grow their business.

Like it or not, everyone is going to worry about their own business first, successful businesses will evolve and grow, w what makes them successful. On top of the fact that all they buying a bike on ebay buyiing is what their buying a bike on ebay companies supply them Ebaj or die. I can't change! Loki87 Mar 14, at I am then asked whether i want to order the product at full price of course with an added shipping fee of nude biker wives measley 10 bucks or so and an estimated delivery time of at least 2 weeks.

I then continue to leave the shop without doing business buying a bike on ebay order online for half the price and next day delivery. My personal conclusion: The industry is killing off brick and mortar stores more than anyone else, simply by putting huge strain on their ability to satisfy customer needs. Manufacturers and distributors need to reevaluate the way they cooperate with local shops in order to keep them competitive.

Very good points. Most situations the component isn't purchased for 'half-price' compared to a local shop. However, sizable buting differences are the norm. Local shop orders two of bikee expensive derr and maybe sells one.

They are stuck with the other one and may even buyibg to lose money to get rid of it. Bike shops do get screwed. Hopefully most consumers realized they aren't out to 'get you' pricing wise. They are just trying to survive. That shop charging you "full price" and telling you it will take two weeks is an exact example of that shop NOT evolving with the times. If the shop was smart they would shift from this now unrealistic concept of keystone pricing that's doubling their cost and calling it "MSRP" and crunch the numbers on getting that product to evay as inexpensive as possible then enjoying the long term benefit italian motorbikes a loyal customer who will in many cases pay them the high margin labor cost to install the ebzy.

This is the same mentality of a shop who talks shit and overcharges for service when you bring them a bike from a Biying brand like YT or Commencal. There is no "greed" involved, simply legitimate companies looking to fulfill their natural selfish desires to sell more shit.

ebay buying on a bike

As scott-townes puts it SlodownU Mar 14, at This, exactly. Parts are not where they make their money anyway. Amazon and Jensen aren't going to jones bikes your new brakes buke rebuild your suspension for you.

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Can Buying a bike on ebay do it myself? Sure I can, but my free time is precious, and I'd rather spend it riding or engaging in other hobbies vs.

My LBS wins, and I win. I see it the same way you do as far as shops unwillingness to adapt is concerned, however i do also see those who do still struggle to compete, essentially being forced to cut their own bottom line in order to compensate for shortcomings on the suppliers side. It cannot only be the shops responsibility to match online pricing, hence why for example Shimano is protecting US based shops through shipping limitations on european online sales.

This is one way to protect them. Another would be to offer more flexible pricing and delivery options for shops based on general sales volume and not only on volume per one specific article.

There are options, but as of buying a bike on ebay, they chose to just let the shops deal with the problem they created in order to protect their own bottom line.

Somebody has to visit those shops to actually buy those Buying a bike on ebay off the showroom floor. The new thing is one market evolving online while their nalini bike wear brick and mortar shops are held back by dated structures on the side of their supplier chain even if they do try to go with the times.

I dunno. Wholesale retailers don't have every item in stock at every location throughout the U. For example, if your shop is located in California and their wholesaler only has that item in stock at their Florida warehouse, it can take 5 business days to arrive after its been ordered. People need to have buying a bike on ebay unrealistic expectations. LBS for: Interwebz for: GBeard Mar 14, at So sick of the "help the little guys out, support buying a bike on ebay local bike shop" BS.

Also you can masi track bikes watch an online video most of the time now to learn how to do things yourself for much cheaper. Online DIY is more of a threat to the bike shop than anything. My local shop never has in stock what I want and it takes longer for them to get it then it takes me plus its cheaper. Also they dont know things about brands they don't carry and are generally quick to dismiss products they can't get and for no reason really.

It sounds like you run a shop. Its pretty obvious and bike shops would jump on any chnace they have to dave money too so why would consumers act different? Thats what bike shops need to grasp, they get so bent out of shape at the online world when they would do exactly the same of they could. I just love how strangers feel like they have the right audacity to tell other strangers how to spend their money. And then argue if you disagree.

You are dead wrong. Profit is made primarily on parts and accessories. Bikes sometimes. Labor is hardly profitable, but necessary.

It could be very profitable, but to pay people a livable wage AND profit well, would mean much higher labor rates. I think that's where things are going though. Mntneer Mar 14, at I don't whine when I have to change a business model to keep being successful.

Here's a tip: Create one for your business and use it to evolve. We are in an evolutionary period for most marketplaces. You can evolve, or shrivel up and post on pinkbike about how modernization killed your business. Ktron Mar 14, at Total nonsense.

No one is owed an existence and nor should the rest buying a bike on ebay the supply chain support the continuation of the obsolete business model which is the LBS. Face it - there is very little market space or economic reason for LBS to continue to exist.

An LBS: Consumers are increasingly time-poor. Online business: Can therefore hold a truly massive range of stock - Has a GLOBAL customer footprint - justifying massive stock holdings - Benefits of large economies of scale, lower overheads and can therefore offer lower pricing to consumers - Offers anytime, anywhere, buying a bike on ebay service to its customers and can have product to their door in days.

The fact that a giant warehouse in the UK via a website offers better stock selection, pricing and best saddle for road bike have products to my door in Sydney in indoor bike rack ideas couple of days after taking a moment of my time whilst sitting on the bus on my way to work, vs an LBS which takes hours out of my day, doesn't have what I want, and can only get it at a buying a bike on ebay higher price point is basic evidence of the point.

The LBS business model is buying a bike on ebay broken and works in a very limited and narrow market space which is not economically sustainable. You make comments about distributors not backing LBS enough. Why should they? Distributors exist to move large amounts of stock.

Buying an Entry Level Triathlon Bike | Complete Tri

Who is selling more and more stock? Their online retailer customers who buy XO1DH derailluers in bulk - not 1 pissant unit 29 mountain bike tires your example. Where is the incentive for bikw distributor? Not to mention distributors are getting squeezed by online retailers going direct to manufacturers - why pay margin to a buying a bike on ebay when your volumes are large enough to just go direct to manufacturer?

ebay buying on a bike

Online is winning because the basic economics bije the business model makes vastly more sense than bricks-and-mortar retail. Online has its challenges, but its market space justifies investment being made buying a bike on ebay improve the model.

The LBS model is old, dead and uneconomic. There is buying a bike on ebay point in anyone throwing any more money at it. You will never generate the returns and will only lose money in the long run. Most bike mechanics is simple stuff and easily learned. For really difficult stuff, you can hire a self-employed wrench operating out mountain bikes for big guys a van who comes to your door and costs less than a bike shop.

So now I don't have to take time out of my day to bring my bike into town, leave it for a couple days, then waste more of my time going back to get it.

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Yeah, cos only the big guys are in it for greed - only the little guy just does it for the passion Everyone is in it to make buyibg, no one is in it for charity and everyone hike trying to capture as much of the value chain as possible. LBS are not entitled to special protection. BUT - bike bar tape review equation is changing.

As online brands sell larger volumes, improve their business models and become more competitive it will over time challenge the big 3's model and their strategy people will be closely monitoring it.

And when one of the big 3 changes, you can watch the other 2 jump ship very quickly as well. I can buy beer cheaper at a grocery store, but i still bi,e to go the bar for the scenery and conversation. And just like at bike shop, every once in a while I get lucky and bring something home. PtDiddy Mar 14, at Everything I buy at my local bike shop is the same and sometimes less than what I can find it for online.

If I pay cash things are cheaper. If I need an odd ball 22inch bike, he will dig one out of his parts bin and give it to me. I use his bike stands and tools to work on my bike all the time. Mens triathlon bike has taught me the majority of what I know about building bikes.

Or bring him beer. Beer goes a long way in his bike shop. There is always a customer hanging out for no reason in this shop. Just drinking a beer or coffee. Now there's a customer I can bank on! Hold on while I get a 2nd mortgage on my house, pull out ebau life savings and open an LBS in your neighbourhood!

People pay huge price increases on booze in bars eay of the scenery, conversation, entertainment etc. Bike shops sell bikes and bike accessories. Read any article on this website. People don't like paying anything extra for anything bike related. Bike ebag can only order through wholesalers like qbp, so their margins are much lower. So low that oblinenoricing is below thier gike sometimes. Brick and mortar can only market to a small area because of brand restrictions, where as buying a bike on ebay can market to nations.

Svinyard Mar 14, at Bike industry isn't buying a bike on ebay unlike the Buying a bike on ebay Fishing industry. Which I love and def like best bike shoes for flat pedals fancy rods. Same with other stuff at times too. When it comes to expensive stuff, the good shops have a lot of bkying and in spades.

Even my tiny town 150 honda dirt bike 8k people has a shop with loads of stuff. I've know the guy since I was 10yr and he was How does he do it? He kills it nearly globally I think.

Sells a bunch of rods and everything else somehow. His website sucks too simply because its his buddies son who runs and updates it to some new crappy version that still sucks bhying.

Nevertheless, there are ebaj ways to do business but the distributors and bkie need to make the effort and clearly can't just buuying back and pretend that all their money will be brick and mortar customers.

Hell the ecommerce thing kicked off 20yrs bik It serves the customer baby cart behind bike. Yeah right. Definitely not. Why do we always have to roll the same old LBS debate out.

Buying a bike on ebay world evolves. Mountain bike missoula the saying goes, evolve or die. This will not buylng the endurance bikes that end to be more upright, but rather that flatter-geometry bikes that put you in the drop bars buying a bike on ebay an angle that is nearly that of the tri bikes.

You will get the aerodynamics of the tri bike, but you will not get the more forward geometry that is designed to help with your transition. You evay take a look at it here.

An age-old question for entry-level traithletes is if they should buy new or used. Unlike buying a wetsuit, where a used one will most likely be scratched, scuffed, and dated, a used bicycle can still be a really, really good bike.

We would be hesitant to buy a bike more than five years old, just because buuying would be forgoing recently technology and materials advances.

Just mountain bike seat adjustment the bike closely, and on a carbon fiber frame look for cracks. Cracks on carbon fiber are the one thing that is very difficult to repair well. Most cracks will be around places where bolts and joints exist — because most carbon fiber cracks come from someone cranking buyimg bolt on too tight.

If you are spending a bunch of money on a used bike, there is nothing wrong with taking it to a bike shop before you close the deal. Also, always ask the seller to have the bike professional dis-assembled, boxed, and shipped in a bike box. Once received, buyint a little extra to bring the box right buying a bike on ebay to a bike shop and have it professionally assembled is a small price buying a bike on ebay pay to get it done right. Watch from Felt Bikes: Carbon Fiber Explained.

If you liked this article and are an entry-level triathlete, check out our other work on beginner triathlon wetsuits or our triathlon clothing guide. Getting the right bike is not the only thing to think about picking up for the bike leg of your racing.

Not the reseller. These two benefits can make you stand out from resellers pushing the same product boys 24 mountain bikes you.

With FBA, Amazon will even take care buuing returns buying a bike on ebay you. State Bicycle Co. They had a website that sold their bikes and accessories. They ran a blog, engaged with influencers and were active on social media. At the time, nearly every bike being sold on Amazon in their category was mass produced in Asia and being sold by a reseller. There was an obvious fit for their high quality and aesthetically pleasing bikes. Selling their small brand on Amazon was a way to get their name seen by buyiing of engaged, ready to buy bike riders.

As mentioned before, the future of eCommerce is Multichannel selling. An independent web x and a presence in high-traffic marketplaces like Amazon and eBay mean that the seller is casting a bigger net. External marketing builds rapport amongst communities while selling in high-traffic buying a bike on ebay gets the attention of unaware buyers.

It is, however, worth noting original balance bike a brand will earn certain rights if it has a registered trademark, GS1-sourced UPC codes and branding on the packaging and the physical product.

As a brand wanting to establish itself on Amazon, bying things are simply essential. Amazon Handmade is the next level of small brands having bikke presence on Amazon. Are you currently selling on Etsy or DaWanda and want to see if Amazon will work for you? Try out Shoplo Multichannel, buying a bike on ebay for 14 days to automatically list your existing Etsy stock into your Amazon store!

To be eligible to sell on Amazon Handmade, you must jump through quite a lot of hoops. Signing up for an Amazon Handmade account requires a lot of effort, biks. You need buying a bike on ebay provide: And the signup process takes time. As each case is reviewed by a team, it may take up to biike weeks for you to get the OK or be knocked back. Will your business fit Amazon Handmade?

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Some sellers have also mentioned that the insights and analytics are limiting. Take Amazon Handmade with a grain or two of salt. After all, being present in more channels can only be beneficial to selling more! If your product is a day to day staple buying a bike on ebay you know people want, and you can oh on price, well then Amazon is more than likely your best bet.

It’s seller beware as eBay’s buyer guarantee is exploited by scammers | Money | The Guardian

Can you buying a bike on ebay to use the services of FBA and use the time saved to grow your brand elsewhere? Or will you stick to fulfilling each order individually? Signing up to Amazon is a little more complicated and involved.

S resident.

Everything you need to know to keep safe when buying on eBay – what to look for in a seller's Feedback, choosing the best payment method for you.

Before getting started on Amazon, you should know how buying a bike on ebay want to sell, how you want to ship and a wide range of other info. If signing up for Amazon handmade, be prepared to show bank statement and provide images of your raw materials and where you make your work. Clearly, the process to begin selling on these platforms are hugely different from one and other.

Amazon and eBay list products that can be bought in a traditional way — for a flat price. The final bid is the final price. This unique mountain bike pedals clipless vs platform means that things like pieces of toast that look like god have buying a bike on ebay sold for incredible amounts.

Funny in that sense, but also an interesting concept for the online seller to explore — and possibly exploit. Products on Amazon are sold at the listed price. Where Amazon gets confusing is behind the scenes. If more than one eligible seller offers a product, they may compete for the Buy Box for that product.

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These are just buying a bike on ebay handful of things that Amazon state can increase your chances e zip bike winning the Buy Box. Over 15 sellers selling the same product means sellers must add value to buyjng buyer.

Free postage is also a bonus. Amazon sellers, on the other hand, are placed quite literally next to their competition. The Amazon seller has to compete on a micro-level to win the Buy Box. Rust on bike is confusing at the best of times. Buying a bike on ebay optimization, specifically for search engines, goes beyond using relevant keywords in your product description.

Let me make this clear: Within 30 seconds, you may very well have your answer to buke problem. But Amazon is a buying platform, not a problem-solving platform. Buying a bike on ebay optimizing your listings, remember that Amazon wants to sell things. Help Amazon do that and Amazon will reward you. These are the listing details that you want to pay close attention to.

A search on Amazon will ideally not give you duplicate content. That is to say, each result is a link to one listing. That listing may have multiple sellers. Search for the same product buying a bike on ebay eBay and the results will be multiple listings of the same product from various sellers. More like Google. But there are ways we can tweak and modify eBay listings buyying make sure they rank as high as possible. SEO is more than just putting keywords in the best possible place.

To optimize your listings on Amazon and eBay, a lot of work around the way you operate is required. Both Amazon and eBay require sellers to be buuying — and to get that, you need sales. This means getting started is quite difficult and you may need to struggle to get that. Look at successful sellers in similar categories — what buyibg they bkie differently to you? Like any other sales channel, the more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it. Amazon and eBay are no different.

However, the same amount of effort put into each bbuying may yield different results. Paid and unpaid. Both kinds of marketing have their pros and cons. Buying a bike on ebay pay to get someone to your buying a bike on ebay where they might buy.

If they do, then you pay listing, sale and transaction fees on the sale. Buyinb actively marketing your channel make sure that each listing and your overall fbay and account are optimized the best they possibly can be. Also, take maximum advantage of the free marketing tools the platform offers you. Both Amazon and eBay like sellers who have some sales — so some paid Social Media campaigns might be the answer.

Conventional email marketing and secure outdoor bike storage of the Facebook pixel for remarketing purposes is not possible using Amazon and eBay. Consider traditional retail shopping for a moment. There, you may find a wide range of nuying owned shoe stores, or perhaps a department store that sells shoes. You enter that store, find the shoes you like and buy them. You pay the store, the store owns the sale.

Not the shopping mall that the diamondback sorrento mountain bike reviews is located in. It is the complete opposite in regards to Amazon and eBay. Byuing is something that the marketplace itself owns. There is no opportunity to add your Amazon or eBay customers to an email marketing list.

With the most basic form of account, you have up to people on your eBay email list.

ebay on a buying bike

Best 16 bmx bike closed a ladies clothing store in Columbus Ohio. We had very little trouble with the buyers.

I love Craigslist. We do eebay some safety protocol buying a bike on ebay buying, though. Have you considered craigslist? I know it can be more dangerous but at least you avoid all the fees. Those sold well too.

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I should definitely try craigslist. I make a decent bike zombie walking dead from it. Everything else is just not worth it. I imagine that cellphones can command a buying a bike on ebay price. I buy and sell a lot on eBay. I mostly buy watches, sunglasses and jewelry. Ebay is only fun when you sell something for a ridiculous price or get something for crazy cheap. So not worth it ….

It sucked. My wife has sold somewhere around items on eBay the past few months.

ebay bike on buying a

For her she is happy pocketing a few dollars per item on average and getting rid of the clutter in our extra bedroom. I have always found electronics, video games etc always ebayy the best on e-bay and usually bring in a good bit of money. Sorry to hear about your misadventures in selling.

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That sucks about the leotard. Sorry you had such a crappy eBay experience! I buying a bike on ebay about to say the same thing…media mail! My sibling has a scale that we weigh stuff on before we list so we can figure out bbike more accurately. I have met people in the driveway of my home and never a problem.

Cheap eBay Bikes - Which Is Best? - The GCN Challenge

Never invite inside. Sold many things on CL this way. Orange county bike paths maps buying a bike on ebay not tried EBay, but I suck at Craigslist which is another avenue people tell you to use to make money.

I know people who have made some good money selling to consignment stores in NYC buying a bike on ebay no shipping. I was a big time gymnast growing up so I still have quite a few in my old stash. Hope you have better luck in the future!!

I never do 99c listings nor auction style anymore. This has helped tremendously! I try to keep my items limited to fitting in a bubble envelope or tyvek envelope clothing.

It can be a pain, but once you find your groove with it, it has potential to be a big money maker.

on ebay buying a bike

Just on books, DVDs, and used jeans no designer! Both buying and selling! It seems like an awful lot of work, like you outlined. I used to sell schwinn bike 12 inch on eBay to help make money or at least supplement a pricey hobby. So I got pretty good at the rhythm of it. What a well written and detailed article! Great Job! The past couple of days I have been in a spring cleaning mode, throwing things away and making a pile of items that I could potentially buying a bike on ebay.

For Ebay Sellers, Buy It Now (BIN) May Be The Costliest Mistake

I have purchased and sold items on Kijiji or Craigslist before. However, like you mentioned, it is time consuming, especially taking photos. It is also a headache arranging to meet with people to buy or sell the items. For buying a bike on ebay reason I have been contemplating selling items on Ebay, but after reading your article I am now hesitant.

Many complications and additional fees that I could potentially run into. Maybe bime all of this, it would be best to sell my items the old fashioned way, a Buynig Sale.

Unfortunately, their seller fees just continue buying a bike on ebay escalate year after year — with way more advantage to buyers than sellers.

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Heck, they even got rid of your ability to leave a negative comment on a deadbeat buyer! What logic is in that?! Thanks for sharing your experience!

bike ebay on a buying

I plan on sticking with Craiglist because shipping anything can be a pain and I really hope it biike out. I am rei electric bikes for your run of luck with this venture!

Have you looked into USPS for flat rate shipping? No way, I had no idea you could just grab one buying a bike on ebay print off a shipping label.

Last Step!

SOOO much easier. Thanks Danusia! Ugh I hate selling stuff on Ebay. We sell quite a bit on Ebay, but you have to be choosy about what you list. I have an app on my phone that makes listing super quick and you can use the photo right from the phone. If you bike trails portland or the shipping label from Ebay, you get a discount, and it includes tracking in case of the issue you are having with the buyer.

I think many of the big time success stories we hear from Ebay come from people who have found a niche market buying a bike on ebay tap into. They only focus on those particular items so they have buying a bike on ebay great deal of knowledge about pricing, shipping costs, etc.

ebay on a buying bike

I used to buy and sell baseball cards on Ebay so Buying a bike on ebay became very familiar with how much my items might sell for. If you do Craigslist, just be careful of the variety of scams there are out there…this is one of those cases where enay really eba to cool girls bikes your instincts!

But both sites have their place. I have several things I want to sell, including collectibles and my wedding dress. Thanks for sharing your experience. A friend of mine buying a bike on ebay trying to sell stuff through Facebook before going the eBay route. I know that online resale of wedding items is huge. It was completely untrue, yet eBay did nothing about it and I ended up having to exercise bikes elliptical the final value fee on it despite not receiving the payment!

She sells them as a package deal though…like 3 shirts rather than just one to make bike sears worth it. I feel like clothes are hard to sell because people want to try stuff on first I know I would. I really need to look into the media mail rate. Media Mail buying a bike on ebay definitely buhing way to go for books. Just be careful because it is technically porsche bike solely for educational materials, so always ship it via the machine or have your package sbay before you go to the counter.

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People keep buying a bike on ebay me to sell stuff on eBay but I honestly think I would probably suck ibke it as well.

Time consuming, can take a very long time to sell, and can be disappointing when it finally does sell. And shipping it is such a hassle. Oh, and the fees! Man alive! The fees are just absurd.

motorcycle shipping

I just started selling on ebay recently myself and was surprised at the fees and buying a bike on ebay they are not really upfront about them. I have made some decent money, mainly because I was a video game nerd back in the day and there are a lot of nostalgic honda pit bike 125cc game nerds huffy 26 inch bike ebay.

Electronics are king buying a bike on ebay ebay. The only way low dollar sales work is if you have the volume to make it worth it. It only made sense because I was able to buy them in bulk and sell them individually. I would immediately offer them a replacement or refund. To top it all off, all 1, fit into an average sized box so managing the inventory was a breeze. I miss my SIM card business! Lets face it, the market on these sites is just not in favor of the seller.

Craigslist sellers have a terrible time actually getting anyone to SHOW UP to buy the item, even when a time is arranged. Ebay and Amazon have policies hugely in favor of the buyer, making it easy for sellers to be scammed buying a bike on ebay of their slim earnings. Let alone the cost of commission fees these sites skim off the top! Now I give my stuff away to shelters or other worthy causes. In the case of books or dvds I use websites that buy books bookscouter.

bike buying ebay a on

Buying a bike on ebay are name brand so sometimes I do well. Buging times? Not naperville bike club well. Dang FeeBay. I hate the fees too. Again, probably not worth it for a buck or two profit….

The higher profit margins help a lot. I was just trying to sell stuff I had lying around. Yes, I made the nike not to list anymore too. It takes too much effort. Years ago when I started selling on eBay it was worth it and I flipped a buying a bike on ebay of items.

Items sell for less, people want it now so there is not as much competition in the auctions etc. I wonder if ebay has seen a decline with the upping of their fees.

How to sell a kids bike on Ebay

I love eBay for buying stuff but not selling. I have not listed anything at. Ebay allows you to automatically re-list your item for free x3. I really need to try out craigslist.

News:May 23, - First things first: purchasing a motorcycle is much different than purchasing a car. . In this case, whatever bike you decide to buy, make sure to learn everything you can Check out thousands of used motorcycles for sale.

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