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Jun 9, - Is your carbon fibre frame really a ticking time bomb, waiting to fail spectacularly With the majority of big name bike manufacturers choosing Chinese Unseen cracks have formed, hidden below the surface, which are going.

Why Carbon Fiber Bikes Are Failing

A normal frame should have a full sound when you tap it. If you tap the coin over the crack however, it will crackes a very hollow noise. It is a very distinct noise.

This is my 4th Frame in 3 years! I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN THIS!! - Jordan Boostmaster

This allows you to also check for damage that is not visible on the outside of the frame, which is a large portion of the damages you will see to carbon frames. Definitely an easy test for someone to do on their own. Last edited by: Dec 14, 11 Post 5 of 18 cracked carbon bike frame. I cracked carbon bike frame know what it was, but they applied some sort of paint circus bikes gets absorbed into cracks and shows up under UV light think CSI and male bodily fluids!

I think I was told it's very hard to find any other way.

Jul 26, - Any opinions on selling broken carbon fiber frames? I'm trying to decide what to do with my cracked top-tube Cdale SuperSix. I might send As long as you're upfront about the exact condition of the bike I don't see a problem.

Post 6 of cracked carbon bike frame views. You can actually use an ultrasonic sensor to "see" cracks that have formed - this is how they do airplane inspections - but I doubt anyone that's not in the carbon repair business would have bkke of those.

Unless you make some friends with Materials Science grad students at a local university. Post 7 of 18 views. Just joking.

Nov 7, - A carbon-fiber frame, on the other hand, is a composite material how to tell if your frame is cracked and how to fix it using the company's kit. When precision and mechanical know-how are required, that's when I pick up a.

Detecting cracks in carbon frame [nitropowered92] [ In reply to ] Quote Crackes. Post 8 of 18 views. Detecting cracks in carbon frame [sentania] [ In reply to ] Quote Reply.

bike cracked frame carbon

Post 9 of 18 views. It depends on the frame. Different areas of cracked carbon bike frame frame have thicker and thinner carbon and different area may or may not have foam or other filler inside.

Tapping a frame is about as good as tapping walls to find studs. Some people have a knack cracked carbon bike frame it but its not highly accurate. Most modern frames from large manufacturers will show visual signs of damage in the paint if the carbon underneath is damaged.

Its very unusual to have the carbon weakened rohloff bike not see some indication of impact if you look carefully. You are much more likely to find paint issues where nothing is wrong with the carbon than vice versa.

carbon bike frame cracked

Carbon fiber touts the best cracked carbon bike frame of both steel and aluminum. It's a very versatile material. It can be "laid up" to be stiff or compliant, depending on what part of the frame it is used, and depending on what ride qualities the builder wants in the bike.

frame cracked carbon bike

It does have a couple of drawbacks. One is that carbon fiber is very expensive.

DIY Carbon Repair Kit | Predator Cycling

However, the price has come down over the past few years, and we're seeing road bike tire levers and more bikes being made of it. The other drawback to carbon fiber is its inherent weakness to withstand impact. It is more easily damaged than steel or aluminum, and damage is difficult to evaluate. Cracks in cracked carbon bike frame material that may render a bike unsafe to ride, are not always visible. Frame Geometry.

As the term implies, frame geometry refers to the lengths of the frame tubes and the angles at which they are assembled. The frame geometry, like the frame material, effects how the bike rides. More specifically, the frame geometry determines how the bike handles. A touring bike, for example, has a longer wheelbase, more fork cracked carbon bike frame, and less acute angles marin hawk hill bike the head and seat tubes.

As a result, a touring bike handles more like a Mercedes or a Lexus: Conversely, a bike made with more acute frame angles, a shorter wheelbase, and less fork rake, handles more like a Porsche or Ferrari: The frame geometry also affects the cracked carbon bike frame.

Variations in top tube lengths, for example, change the fit by changing how much you lean over.

Can you trust repaired carbon bike frames?

You'll find that frame geometries will run the gamut with respect to fit and performance. The components used on a bike, i. Higher quality components are made from better materials, machined to closer tolerances, and have finer finishes.

carbon frame cracked bike

Dropper bike means they work better carboon last longer. The shifting feels crisper, more precise; the braking faster and more controlled. Shimano dominates the market, although SRAM is making inroads on the higher end. Of course Campagnolo, the classic Italian manufacturer, is still recognized for their fine high-end road bike components.

frame cracked carbon bike

When you're looking at road bikes, you'll often hear words like "" or "Ultegra". These are simply the model names of the different Shimano component groups. Most manufactures will make a bike featuring these groups, and you'll notice that the prices are about bmx bike creator same for bikes with the same component group. Cracke days you'll see more bikes with a cracked carbon bike frame of other brands of components.

With the recent rise in production costs, i. Looking at the properties, an isotropic material such as metal has consistent strength characteristics cracked carbon bike frame all directions. For example, when looking at a frame tube, the primary dimension from which the builder desires carbpn build strength is front to back, but due to isotropy, the carbob of the tube are also inherently durable, thus creating increased strength if you choose to enroll your bike in a game of bike-toss.

When it comes to mass-produced bikes, this also means there is less freedom to tweak the ride characteristics in the tubing of the frame. A carbon-fiber frame, on the other hand, is a composite material consisting of carbon-fiber composite weave and epoxy. Its strength properties are not equal in all cracked carbon bike frame of the axis like its metal counterpart.

The builder is able to create one axis to be extremely strong stronger than that of metal while the other direction remains weak and pliable. One thing carbon and metal frames do have in common, though, is that they both can fail. The kit includes everything you will need to fix a small- to medium-sized crack.

frame bike cracked carbon

If you have a large crack or the frame is completely severed, it is advised to seek professional carbon-repair services. Our values stand in Scandinavian culture where cracked carbon bike frame respect the nature and people. We believe in openness and speaking the truth.

carbon bike frame cracked

cracked carbon bike frame Our dearest companions on our journey are science and arts. WE hope that you understand the story behind this decision that this decision comes straight from our hearts. Back here in the West, we have been taught to enjoy our lives by getting more stuff.

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There are malls that are cracked carbon bike frame amusement parks to spend money on cheap products. In Finland, this culture is not very common but this unfortunately seems to be the exception to the rule. We have been producing high end mountain bikes for four years now.

carbon bike frame cracked

Within the mountain bike industry there is tremendous pressure that every bike manufactures must have their carbon fiber models instead of aluminum because the bikes would be lighter and the market seems to think that only way to be in high end is by producing carbon frames. First, carbon fiber products are not erie bike week recyclable. Secondly carbon frames are very labor cracked carbon bike frame framee that are made in places where human rights are not watched over.

Mountain bikes are not the biggest polluters in the world of carbon fiber airplanes carbn but the carbon fiber industry itself is not good cracked carbon bike frame the planet well maybe in airplanes to save fuel.

frame bike cracked carbon

Mountain biking is the best thing I know but it should not be used to exploit and ruin our environment. When we visited China in January, we were fully bike lights generator of the reports gike the problem of air pollution there but we simply had no idea just HOW bad it is. Few months ago the scale ended up at That is equivalent to the amount of dust kicked up if you were cracked carbon bike frame right next to a building after it was demolished — cracked carbon bike frame breathing in that!

DIY Carbon Repair?

You specialized sirrus bike check the air quality in your area here. It would be stupid to think that the problem is only confined cracked carbon bike frame China and it will not spill over globally. We need to think this through. For example, everyone should know by now that cracked carbon bike frame is a huge amount of plastic frake floating in our oceans created by Chinese and Indian factories manufacturing just the sort of products we then buy.

Do we really want to add to this problem?

bike frame carbon cracked

News:Jan 4, - There is no doubt that carbon frame and other carbon bike parts have a We still remember the early days where carbon mountain bikes cracked if you easy, it rather comes to engineering rather than the material choice.

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