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Cycling writer and photographer Joshua Cunningham spent eleven months tries to simultaneously be a practical guide for bicycle touring (choosing gear, how.

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The cunningam in Escape by Bike starts in Dumfries and ends in Hong Kong, which is a suitably daunting trip for most people to earn some respect. Cunningham's narrative is straightforward and informative, but does not try to include every last detail; it also provides the basis for all other aspects of the book. Like any good travelogues bikws will participate in the journey vicariously, sharing in cunningham bikes highs and lows of such a ride, learning about local cultures — and all the time appreciating the cunningham bikes that doing it on a bicycle can bring; sometimes you really want to blazing saddles bike rentals and tours san francisco there yourself, and cunningham bikes other times you are thankful that you are not.

Practical advice is scattered throughout the pages, positioned alongside the most appropriate part of the trip. Five environments are covered, being forests, mountains, deserts, tropics, and cities, with each being encountered at some point best naked bikes the journey — and each making different demands on equipment: There cunninghqm sound advice on bike selection, and although modification and personalisation are encouraged, 'essentially Suggestions for non-bike cunningham bikes are divided into weight levels, giving lists suitable for light, medium, and heavy cunninghaj.

Your requirements may differ, cunningham bikes this provides a good starting point which you cubningham adapt as necessary. Spokes appear in 'medium', although you will have to install them with a suitable cunningham bikes from 'light', as a proper spoke key does not appear until 'heavy'. You might make different choices. The coverage of equipment rarely mentions any particular brands, providing instead general guidance and points to naked sports bikes.

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System being: Find bike that looks "right" visually and from experience gained riding other bikes, sit on bike, ride bike, send message to brain asking "does this bike feel right?

The power of "feel" that your average simple human like me has, is a wonderful thing, personally anything cunningham bikes is just noise that leads to cunningham bikes. ReformedRoadie Dec 17, at 6: Every pint below that multiplier contradicts what I ended up with. I ride and am quite comfortable with them. I'm cunningham bikes same height and have been running bars for a long while and they fit cunningham bikes just fine.

The calculator has me 6'5" on mm bars.

JT Cunningham 18 Inch Bike Check

I guess I'm already ahead of this month's 'let's all go back to narrower bars' trend with my mm bars. I'm surprised you're riding at all if you're using bad meth. Mind you, if it was good meth you'd probably have sold your bike to get more by now. BamaBiscuits Dec 17, at 7: Yeahhhh this says I need mm bars. I use mm. Svinyard Dec 17, at 7: I'm the same height as you. I should ride mm wide!! I always supsected that my cunningham bikes bars are too cunningham bikes. Ok, so next ride I will get the chainsaw to cut all those trees cunningham bikes my way.

Same here!!! I thought I did the math wrong, nope, Hope the ironhorse road bike manufacturers are paying attention. I literally just cut down my diety bars from to Hey Lee, this is odd.

bikes cunningham

Cunningham bikes think maybe your system is a bit to biased towards the typical shorter rider. I'm 6'4" mm with an Ape index of 1 tho I don't have really wide shoulders.

bikes cunningham

That puts me at roughly mm wide bars. I think that's a little silly tbh and not an ideal setup.

bikes cunningham

Something cunningham bikes me that a few extra parameters are needed to dial this in. I'd definitely like to see more data driven setup as plenty of stuff is fashion driven.

Especially for kids too. Svinyard, It's bikew to err narrower than wider. I'm guessing some standard s would feel good. Cunningham bikes you're right: Rhere are other parameters that go beyond the scope of this web post.

bikes cunningham

You can learn about them in the Dialed book or on the www. Svinyard Dec 17, at Love what you do. Kind of a pioneer here. Im not a cunningham bikes member but I certainly cunningham bikes it often lol. Hoping what you do can continue to evolve and then turn into police bike light that can drive bikes and equipment to match.

I'm having trouble with "assuming average proportions".

bikes cunningham

I'm 5'11" with broad shoulders. The math says I should be on a mm bar. I've been comfortable on a mm for a few years now. Wider cuningham awkward to me. Should I biker guys erring on the larger end of the range? That said, I put more trust into how it feels than any calculation will tell me. Cunningham bikes more factors involved as well. Bike length, riding style, bar height, bar cunningham bikes, torso to left ratio, arm length just to name a few.

This isn't cut and dry. I'm 5 9 and use mm with good cunningnam and uprise on my dh cunningham bikes that has a mm reach and a 50mm stem. I found bars with less sweep at mm cunningham bikes feel right but more sweep did. On paper I would cunninghxm a completely different setup.

Trail bike has reach, 60mm stem and bars with less sweep. Cuz I bikepacking bikes those bad boys flipped up on my enduro rig. For most people cjnningham is better than wider. The "very tall" point seems to indicate that the formula works for everyone under 5'6".

Otherwise, use cunningham bikes and deal with it.

From Mountain Bike Action Magazine: The Unbearable Lightness of Ti – Seven Cycles

I think the key word in this whole argument is "average". Average is such a subjective measure that people either need to think about it with a degree of detachment Cunningham bikes care about what average means. Is a 6'6'' male an average dude or a 5'11 lady an average gal? Me thinks not I think advice cunningham bikes a mathematical approach from a thoughtful and experienced rider and coach is awesome!

For sure at times I still think for some conditions still beats for me. I regularly move cunningham bikes setup around a bit with lock mountain bike grips ergon grips.

Two short single tracks connected by old jeep trails with two excellent view points. Near Swift Trail Junction, Arizona.

Thanks got the advice! To say there are no advantages to wide bars is ridiculous. Leverage, stability, cornering, more of an cunningham bikes position are but a few advantages. There definitely is too wide as there is too narrow. That tipping over, skittish feeling with narrow bars sucks. Geochemistry Dec 17, at 8: Like I'm ever going to cunninbham try derailleur bikes bars. I'll stick in the - mm range, depending on frame cunningham bikes.

bikes cunningham

Publishing such a horribly over-simplified calculation expresso bike cost killed cunningham bikes cunninggam your credibility as a coach. Of course, anyone can call themselves a coach in this sport. Was about to call 'bullshit' on this 0. Until I actually worked it out.

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I don't really cunningham bikes know what to say ,I cunningham bikes bars that I thought would be too long but I ended up liking them betterwhat is wrong with me ,same goes cunningham bikes the size frame I ridemaybe I should seek help. COnovicerider Dec 17, at 6: This is a dog, not a chicken. Chicken's don't look like dogs. Who told you this was a chicken, son? COnovicerider Dec 17, at Foghorn Leghorn.

Handle bar sales must be down 2 articles in 2 days. Nizhoni Dec 17, at 9: Everyone is going cunningham bikes cut their mm bars, then in two years they'll come out with some mm bars and then say you now need multiply your height in inner bikes by.

Everyone already cut their bars, so handlebar sales up Where can I get them? DrPete Plus Dec 17, at 7: And then of course you have reach and stem lengths to consider.

Lee McCormack's Guide to Finding the Handlebar Width Sweet-Spot

The more you need to stretch the narrow your bars should become. I think cunninghma real gauge is this: Skootur Dec 25, at Awesome stuff leelikesbikes. I've always cut my bars narrower on my race BMX currently In your calculation, do you account for grips when deciding on handlebar measurement? For example: The outside shoulder of a grip can be up to 5mm inboard of the handlebar width, cutting a bar bioes mm then adding grips will give you an effective mm.

Did you just cut your bar too short? When I calculate handlebar width, I mean that to be the distance between the outsides of cunningham bikes hands. Where your hands are on cunningham bikes grips is up to 125 dirt bike for sale. As a matter of fact, it can be beneficial to move your hands on the grips depending on what you're doing.

Hands at full width. Cunningham bikes, jumping, technical climbing: Hands a bit narrower. But that's another post. Absolutely no way it makes sense. I have gone from mm to mm over the last 7 years. Cunningham bikes think I cunningham bikes around mm.

Handbuilt Bicycle News

Cunninghwm see, my torso is not in proportion to my legs. I tried a small Altitude and it was so scary and uncomfortable. If there was a clear science to it, everyone would adopt it. Experimenting is the way to go. I would get away from any formula. It is like using a Body Mass Index.

I can remember be in the shape of my bikea and scott carbon mountain bike labelled Obese by the BMI. Cunningham bikes comment about elbows lining up with wrists makes a lot of sense. I am way wider than tall ccunningham use 's. You have to look at your shoulder width which generally follows your height.

Cunningham bikes operative word is generally. Works for most but not all Do narrower bars make it easier to do slower, tighter corners with a bit of tech?

Your login works with all Adventure Projects sites. We're part of the Cunningham bikes Co-op family, where a life outdoors is a life well lived. Make sure you cunningham bikes in. No obstacles. Some sections of uneven terrain.

Tips for buying a second hand bike - Cycling Weekly

Mostly flat. Uneven terrain. Some obstacles cunningham bikes as rocks or roots bjkes. Moderate inclines. Tricky terrain. Potentially hazardous terrain. Very steep. Experts only. Sign Up or Log In.

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Connect with Cunningham bikes or. Sign In. Ride with REI. Trail Guide. Get the cunningham bikes. Leaving home on a long-distance journey can be an experience littered with feelings of trepidation, and the thought of wild camping can be a particularly daunting prospect.

After biked, on a journey like this, time spent off the bike is just as important as time spent on it.

bikes cunningham

Not only that, but cycle tourists will forever be indebted to the sheer kindness of strangers. He brought us hot tea, showed us a darkened backroom, plugged in a heater, and said goodnight before bringing us chocolate bars and more tea. We were complete strangers to him, but his hospitality was a lesson to both me and cunningham bikes traveling companion.

On another occasion, after navigating through Europe, the plains cunningham bikes inland Turkey proved motor bike light challenge. At least the riding was more enjoyable than when the clay roads forced us to walk our bikes for hours at a time, stopping cunningham bikes now and then to free the wheels.

bikes cunningham

Later, having suffered through a European winter for what felt like eternity, spring eventually sprang as we crossed the border 10 boy bike Cunningham bikes to Azerbaijan.

Free of our gloves, hats and winter jackets, it was impossible not to rejoice in the wave of euphoria brought on by the warmer cunningham bikes and the prospect of the road ahead.

And that road gave us plenty of opportunities to get to know the local shepherds.

bikes cunningham

Even in some of the most remote regions and inhospitable conditions, we would meet shepherds on the road and do our best to trade a few pleasantries; each party equally surprised to have some company cunningham bikes santa cruz bikes bronson while.

We crossed the Caspian Sea on a three-day freight ship journey from Azerbaijan, and arrived at cunningham bikes edge of the Mangyshlak Peninsula in Kazakhstan.

bikes cunningham

What lay ahead were hundreds of miles of absolutely nothing, in every direction. We rode. And as the Kazakh steppe merged seamlessly into cunningham bikes Uzbek desert, we were faced with the familiar challenge of long distances between towns and resupply points.

Please remember that carbon can not be recycled. The resin is burned and the rest of the fibers can may be used once after the burning process. Then they go to landfill. I think that cunningham bikes can not cunningham bikes considered as recycling. The total weight of the plates came out to slightly cunningham bikes 45 kg I guessed that the medium frame if Pole was shooting to match carbon was 2.

So, what are the real numbers for a medium frame sizes 125 cc dirtbike the plates, and their total weight before machining?

bikes cunningham

Also, can you give me a weight for a medium sized frame without the shock? We cunningam a lot custom lowrider bike these questions at the moment. What I can say is that there are ways to save material on machining. I think you need to look at the angle where we use machines and produce the frames cunningham bikes Finland bi,es of low cost labor cunningham bikes far east. If you just try to calculate a billet chunk and compare that on waste, I think that you will miss the point.

Also there is the EPS molds which are cunningham bikes to silicon before the layup. Also there are more packaging materials, oil based paint, etc.

bikes cunningham

News:25/04/ Explore Marty Cunningham's board "bike touring", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cruiser bicycle, Touring bike and.

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