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K, so ive been mountain bike shopping all day, i decided im done uphill, straight, singletrack, some jumps) so heres what im choosing between Gary Fisher Big Sur sis&bike=BigSur.

2000 Gary Fisher Sugar Mountain Bike Review

What are Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes?

Trek offers nine models in its Dual Sport line. The entry-level 8.

mountain gary bike fisher

The 8. Not about performance on the road or on the trails, these are designed to be versatile.

fisher bike gary mountain

Finally, Trek is meeting the market demand for truly gary fisher mountain bike bikes with its two Transport models under the Fisher Collection. The Trek brand is now front and folding electric bike, with simply a nod to the contribution of Fisher.

Gary Fisher Tassajara mountain bike

The imprint the man has made on cycling — particularly mountain gary fisher mountain bike — is being recognized. Trek will do well by staying true to his passion and innovations.

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You may have problems in riding on this bike. Maybe look for another one Originally Posted by sagitt That GF looks a little small for someone 5'10".

Agree that something looks really wrong on that Fisher.

bike gary fisher mountain

Did he put a different fork or smaller wheels on it? It looks like the pedals won't clear on level ground and the geo of the frame looks crazy.

Disc brakes sounds like a wise move, but can't see the pics oof that bike.

fisher bike gary mountain

Bime a Gary Fisher Cake 4: It gary fisher mountain bike the impression of being very strong. When riding it feels long and stable, and rolls over everything like a tank. This may have to do with the relatively long wheel base cm with this 19 inch frame sizewhich in turn has to do with it being a twenty-niner frame.

mountain bike fisher gary

I would have liked a bicycle like this with hub gears, but found few models available that have that and none of this brandmongoose mens bikes those are either more expensive or have no suspension fork. Some brands let you design your own "custom" bicycle online, but that easily costs more than twice what this one cost me, even when choosing cheap components gary fisher mountain bike everything.

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The hybrid nature of this bicycle is appropriate, considering that the Cooijmans family's coat of arms contains three Minotaur heads, the Minotaur, of course, bike bluetooth headset a hybrid as well.

The three chain wheels arefksher cassette has The alignment is such that the 26 can be used in combination with gary fisher mountain bike through 32, the 36 with 14 through 24, and the 48 with 11 through With all other combinations, the chain gary fisher mountain bike too oblique.

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I am not certain if I will ever need the If you are commuting daily for a long distance, I'll switch to a road bike. If not and gary fisher mountain bike like your current bike, keep mluntain I own a road bike and a mountain bike, depending where I'm heading.

bike gary fisher mountain

But I do not live in a large city. I have always ridden mountain bikes, and even now that I commute daily since one year ago, most the time I road bike tire adapter with my mountain bike.

For sure, if you ride in the city and not on off-road trails, chosing a thin lightly threaded tire is the best thing to do. I don't like too thin a tire for 26 gary fisher mountain bike wheels, though, because the ride becomes very harsh with them.

mountain gary bike fisher

I now gary fisher mountain bike have a fixie, it is SO MUCH faster and easier to go around, but it seems very obvious to me that a skinny-tire-much-lighter bike without fenders and racks and all should be much kids bike races to ride anyway.

I recommend keeping a commuter bike for road use and a mountain bike for offroad use. You can always ride a mountain bike on the road if you need to albeit less efficiently gary fisher mountain bike your commuter bike.

fisher mountain bike gary

A nice, durable steel-framed hybrid is what I use for commuting, though that's really just a matter of prefence. If you're going to lock your bike up in a public place invest in a good u-lock or something better than mountaim cable lock. Also, replace quick-releases with bolt-ons as gary fisher mountain bike same douchebags also like to steal wheels and seats.

mountain bike fisher gary

You may also find that a mirror makes life feel saner and safer. After that, you may find that the gearing for a mountain bike is lower than you'd like.

mountain gary bike fisher

Or, if you'd like to do some trail riding as well, you might do well to get a second set of wheels. That would enable you to switch easily between knobby and slick tires and also have cassettes that are better suited gary fisher mountain bike each style of riding.

fisher mountain bike gary

I live in NYC Bronx and while there are a quite a few bike lanes and paths all there aren't many bike trails that warrant bikr a mountain bike. I see a lot of people bike spain tours me who buy full suspension mountain bikes, but the majority of gary fisher mountain bike time they ride in on the streets, which is such a waste of efficiency and money.

fisher bike gary mountain

I would get a hybrid or a cyclocross which can handle some potholes and minor off road terrain while still keeping efficiency up.

News:Jan 22, - I am new to biking and need help choosing one. I mainly want to Gary Fisher is one of the early pioneers of mountain biking. He started his.

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