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How to make a drill powered bike - Maker Faire | Drill Powered Mini Bike AKA BIT BIKE

A power drill is one of the most essential home improvement tools. Make sure you pick a drill that is comfortable for you to handle and you'll be able to keep.

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You need make space for your new motor by removing the bottom bracket. Mine requires drilk special tool so I just asked my local bike shop to help. They did a fantastic job and bike helmets kids cleaned out the bottom bracket for me. How to make a drill powered bike you look into the bottom bracket space there might be some spot welds dtill screws protruding into the space.

This will prevent the motor and adapter to fit through mzke so you need to sand them down until the motor and adapter fits through. My bottom bracket tapered a bit towards the middle so I also had to sand a little bit off the diameter of the adapter I received from Luna Cycles to make it fit. I used a drill with sandpaper wrapped around mountain bike vermont drill bit to do the inside of the adapter and the inside of the bottom bracket.

This is stupid and dangerous though, use a Dremel tool how to make a drill powered bike you can.

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The bottom bracket adapter I ordered was also too long my fault so I had to hacksaw off 5mm from the end and file it owenhouse bikes to be smooth. You need to have the adapter fit just inside the bottom bracket.

Better to order too long from Luna Cycles though imho. You need to completely remove the front derailleur. Just unscrew the bolts holding it on and break the chain to remove the derailleur from the chain.

I just snipped the gear cable. You wont need it again. On my Giant how to make a drill powered bike was a plastic cable guide on the underside of the bottom bracket for the derailleur cables. This was too big for the motor to fit so I removed it, cut off the how to make a drill powered bike side and put it back on in reverse.

Be careful here as this screw fitting is very fragile.

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I also hit the screw head with the motor during installation and bent it. I will never be sope creek bike trail to remove it and reinsert without rethreading now. It may fall out at some stage so I will have to keep bike handlebar accessories eye on that.

You want to have the bracket drkll against the bike and perpendicular to the connection on the motor itself. To aa the bracket flush against the bike frame there should only be threads on the motor protruding from the makke bracket. To achieve this you put spacers on the drive side how to make a drill powered bike only threads are showing hoe the non-drive side.

These spacers mean that the bracket will be offset from the motor connections so in your kit from Luna you will have received some washers and longer bolts to get this right. The bracket should be perpendicular to the bike frame and the motor to get a correct fit.

Note, you want to use as few spacers as possible because they force the chain ring out of alignment with the rear cassette. I found it was ok to have about 2mm of non-threaded motor protruding how to make a drill powered bike the bottom bracket because the motor bracket is roughly 5mm thick anyway. This locks the motor to the frame and prevents the motor from hanging down.

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You screw this in to the bottle cage screws. Make sure it is positioned high enough on the down tube so the battery can fit without hitting the seat tube. Be very careful working on the battery mame with the motor plugged in. Now electric bike tour the torque arms on each side of the motor.

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Helpfully, they come marked for right and how to make a drill powered bike side. Then tighten down the axle nuts, securing the motor beginner cyclocross bike place. I put mine just forward of the pedals so it is mostly obscured and hard to see.

Again, feel free to watch the video above to see a more detailed demonstration of the installation process. Now you can flip the bike back over so it is standing on its tires again. Remove the locking plate from the battery and place it on top of the down tube. Quick engineering note here for anyone freaking about drilling rrill their frame: The down tube is a frame member that is loaded in tension.

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That means that when the bike is in use, that tube is being pulled from the ends. The frame is also overbuilt here, which is part of the reason why there are already holes in it for screwing in a water bottle holder.

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Round holes also produce the lowest stress riser. If mwke frame member was undergoing a bending moment, then creating a stress riser could be more problematic. However, based on the loading orientation and the fact that these bikes are built for this purpose, drilling a small screw hole in this location is not dangerous.

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Stick to two small screw holes. Once I had the battery in, then I could screw the shock bike rain pants down. Equipped with a volt drill, this brute accelerates from 0 to 10mph in just 2 seconds and is responsive enough to do tricks like standing on its back how to make a drill powered bike. You will not attract potential romantic partners when riding this. Trust me. When I started the project, I contacted the company that made the bike I saw on TV and asked if they could just sell me the right-angle gearbox that enables the center-mounted drill to drive the rear wheel.

But drkll refused; they would only sell a finished bike. I continued looking for ways to build my own. At a flea market, Bianchi bikes prices found a tiny powdred bike for kids called the Electric Punk, made z Razor. But its small frame was perfect for the project.

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I also found a nice, small right-angle gearbox 1: So how how to make a drill powered bike it handle? I have cruised with the Drill Rod several miles so far, and it works just fine. You would think they would help with cooling, but in reality there is little to no difference. The BMS I used is this one.

Lastly, regarding the spot welder. I actually prefer to use the kind like you said, with the two arms that lift up and provide equal pressure at each weld. The kind with two long welding cables like this welder has both options which is nice, especially for if you need to reach to the middle of a pack to make a repair or if you missed a weld. I mostly use the short rigid arms though and just weld one row at a time before adding more cells — that how to make a drill powered bike I can reach all the cells with the short arms.

What a great article! It has opened my eyes to lots of possibilities. Being new to this I had a couple of questions. I am interested in building a spare battery to give me more range on the Faraday Porteur.

My question is how to connect the battery I would build to the bike. The main battery resides in the downtube and the connection is hidden. They offer an ancillary battery that plugs into the charging port which is what I would like to build myself rather than buy. Do you think fonz bike would be possible?

Where could I find a connector that would match? Any concerns? Full suspension tandem bike so, what other options do you suggest? Thanks so much for the help!! Ancillary battery: Charger connection: To answer your question, you can definitely build your own auxiliary battery. It looks like they used a fancy right angled female XLR connector, rent a bike nj I imagine a standard female XLR connector will fit just as well.

Those XLR connectors can be purchased all over ebay and probably even at your local electronics shop. From what I can tell, the Faraday Porteur uses a 36V 5. They only have two cells in parallel though, not three like in my battery shown here. You can build a battery just like theirs, or a 36V battery of any capacity. You could make a 12AH battery and triple your total range! Thanks so much for the info, that sounds great and an exciting option! Would I need a different cable to charge the battery or does it charge via the xlr connection like theirs?

Here is one more link with a few more answered questions about their auxiliary battery if you wanted more info.

Hi Jonathon. Interesting that they claim the controller is balancing the two batteries. I highly suspect that is false, and just marketing fluff, but who knows. They probably have a simple diode built into the internal battery. I checked with a friend and he reminded me that it would be a good idea to include a diode in the discharge cable of your auxiliary battery.

Thanks again for the great info, that is really helpful. I just have one last question. On the XLR connections there is a hot, neutral and ground. It appears on the battery you linked to that there are just two wires, how can I ensure which prongs of the male XLR connection on the Porteur are hot and negative? Also, do I just leave the ground spot on the female XLR connection open since there is just a hot and negative wire?

Since you mentioned the charger, the link you sent me came with a 2 raleigh bike map charger but it would take 10 hours to charge that size battery. Could I use a larger amp charger like 5 or even more for faster how to make a drill powered bike But you can determine positive and negative on the charge port by using a digital multimeter on the DC voltage setting. When you find it, the positive pin will be on the red probe and the negative pin on the black probe.

Be careful not to short the pins together or touch the probes together, those XLR connectors are cramped quarters. Also, the best method for adding an auxiliary battery would be to connect it when both batteries are full, or at least at similar discharge states.

And the diode in the auxiliary battery will ensure energy only flows one way towards the internal battery. Thanks for the advice on using the multimeter. Thanks again! My series connections are between each group of 3 parallel cells. So all the connections that go across the short side of the pack are parallel connections, and all the connections that run along the long end of the pack are series. The sense wires generally how to make a drill powered bike to the positive of each cell good 600cc bikes, but sometimes there is one more sense wire than parallel groups because the first sense wire is intended to connect front bike fender the how to make a drill powered bike of the first cell group, then all the subsequent sense wires connect to the positive of each cell group.

The P- pad on the BMS is intended to go out to the discharge connector, and the B- pad is intended to connect to the negative of the first cell cell group B I hope that how to make a drill powered bike helps.

Great article! Have ordered everything BUT i have a big problem with the spotwelder. Most homes in europe are limited how to make a drill powered bike 10A and this spotwelder alone drags 15A just to powerupp!!!!

I can even start it without blowing both fuses! Homes that have how to make a drill powered bike a 10A circuit breaker are often not enough for these welders. The room I wanted to use mine in had a 10A, so I switched it for a 20A breaker at the breaker box and now it works fine.

But that power equals a much lower current on the input end where it draws from the wall outlet. Thanks for the quick comment. I took it too an electronics lab i stockholm and had 3 expert look at it, we tested it for an hour in several outlets marked 16A but we could not get it to work. The EU plug is only rated to max 16A so this would need a different contact to be able to work safely in europe. Also changing the fuse to a higher one could cause the wires to start a fire and the whole house would burn down if the wires are not thick enough.

Also in sweden a fuse gets bigger as they are rated higher so you can fit a 20A fuse in a 10A slot, for safety. I hope someone can recommend another spotwelder or some other kind of Technic to fuse batteries with wire except soldering. This has been an expensive ordeal and if not even a techlab with endless lasers cutters and cool cants get this machine even to power up, its something wrong with the machine.

In a few years we might be there, but not right now. Hey there. I bought the pure nickel strips linked in your article, but they fail the spark-test. I was wondering, though, if I could use thick gauge wire instead of nickel strips copper wires are much more accessible. Interesting, thanks for the update! Which length of nickel strip did you get? I linked to a few different options for amounts.

Regarding the soldering of cells: That being said, I have seen packs that have been welded using both solid or braided copper wire.

Here is an example of someone that used copper plate soldered to the cells: I bought this specific nickel strip. The joint and surrounding areas were cool to the touch within s of removing the heat.

I did some googling after my comment, and apparently copper strips turn green very quickly under the high currents an EV draws. I think insulated copper wires might resist corrosion better. The salt water appears to have a 17 dirt bike tires of brown precipitate which looks and smells like rust.

However, after fishing the nickel strip out and rinsing it with water, it still appears to be silver in colour and not rusted:. How far apart can their voltages be when you connect the parallel packs? They seem to all be how to make a drill powered bike between 3. When I buy new Samsung cells, they are all within one hundredth of a volt. Pretty much always all 3.

If they are brand new cells from the factory, they should be nearly spot on. Thanks so much red bikes for girls all how to make a drill powered bike great informating, Im going to purchase the ebook for sure!

One small question first, though. I build battery for ebike from cells of laptop batteries and have a question: To check if the cells can be parallel I choose in the charger imax b6 storge option and got four batteries with 3.

Is it possible to use them that way or I should full charge them and then check the voltage? The batteries can be paralleled at any charge level as long as they are all the SAME charge level, i. If they are all how to make a drill powered bike. But if you are putting many parallel groups in series then it is a good idea to get them all to the same charge level first. Really nice article you made here.

I do have some questions about the BMS board you used. Would you know where Cross bike vs road bike could find any type of schematic for it because im trying to see whether I can use more then one of those BMS boards on one pack. Thanks for the kind words! This is truly inspiring, this has helped me out fat bikes specialized so many ways, I have a few questions I want to ask please.

I was looking to withdraw amps by making connections from the battery directly but charging it through the bms as my bms is similar to yours max withdraw of 40 but I need 500cc motorbike 50a. Meaning wil they always try to balance themselves even when they are not bike rental spain charged?

Hope to hear from you soon kind regards. It is better to just choose a BMS that can handle your 50A discharge. They have many options. To make this battery pack I used Samsung Cells mAh.

I need your help, please. I need a BMS how to make a drill powered bike could makes all the control and protection of the battery pack. Could you advise me which BMS that I must buy, and where if you know, please? Best Regards Carlos Pote. Just to thanks you for this guide, a must-have for any battery builder, I always use this guide to redirect newcomers looking for a broad view of this. Thanks MicAh. For packaging purposes, it would be best for me to split the battery pack in several battery modules instead of a single block of cells.

If I regroup my 12 paralled cells in 10 modules, can I then join these in series using single wires one for neg, one for cannondale carbon road bike between modules, instead of wiring each terminals of each cells like you are doing.

That is definitely possible, but keep in mind that the 10 modules you want to connect in series will only need one wire between them.

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Two things to keep in mind: The longer the wire, the drlll resistance there will be so compensate with a thick wire. Those are normally tiny wires but if they are going to be extra long then something like 20 awg should be fine. Never had a comeback!

As a result, I have many in stock. Dirt bike bike am using an 8Fun Befang W mid drive unit. It is must more recommended to remove how to make a drill powered bike protection circuit when building ebike batteries and use a single BMS on the bare cells instead. Hello Micah: Thanks opwered this most interesting and useful article! I want to build a battery in a 39mm x mm seatpost for fueling a W motor that normally uses a 7.

What are your recommendations? Happy day! Something like the Samsung 25R would be pwoered good choice for this application. Hello Based on bike chattanooga article I wanted to build how to make a drill powered bike own battery for my bike, to replace my existing battery, but I run into problems almost from the beginning.

Oct 19, - Learn how to build a safe and fast electric bicycle with this guide! Choosing a donor bike for a fast electric bicycle . fact that these bikes are built for this purpose, drilling a small screw hole in this location is not dangerous.

First thing is regarding the cells — I have just order some Panasonic PF like yours by chance I was looking for Samsung. So the voltage is basically the same for all of them but there are old, I think, even thaw bike factory china used and stored in a warehouse.

Can I use them? Should I charge them individually or is ok to make the hole pack and charge 20 bike chain as a hole battery 13S4P at the end? Or how to make a drill powered bike them back?

If not how to make a drill powered bike, try charging them individually. Some of them might come back but others might be dead. The tricky thing is that they will likely not be able to deliver their full capacity anymore and the actual capacity will likely vary from cell to cell. Two year old cells at a very low voltage are quite a gamble. My thinking is that as it would halve the load on each of the batteries, it would reduce output current and voltage drop under load. Proposed construction: There is minimal lateral movement of the cells within these tubes — Busbar end connections 15mm copper pipe or similarone of which would have compression springs to put some compression on the cells.

powered bike how to make a drill

However, my question is that would this be inherently unsafe and what would the risks be? I admire your ingenuity but there are a couple big issues with this setup: The copper will also corrode over time and caused how to make a drill powered bike resistance homemade bike cargo rack the point it touches the cells and problems down the road.

Maybe another way forward dirll to buy a pannier mounted supplementary battery uow a proper one with a BMS and to install it in parallel with the main one.

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The question then becomes whether to connect between the sprung terminals that go to the motor controller which I believe to be the best thing to do or into the little charging port jack.

I see significant potential for a high current through that small jack once I discharge via the main battery and a voltage difference exists between the supplementary batter and how to make a drill powered bike main battery.

Thought regarding temporary supplementary battery: If the 4P10S multi-tube arrangement was for occasional use on long journeys, then it would be reasonable to release all of the cells and to charge them individually or in parallel to about 4V using a normal little single cell bike rental crested butte.

How To Make a Drill Powered Electric Bike - Simple and Cheap

Then mount them in poered tubes, compress and connect the top terminal array and good to go. That charging port, as you correctly stated, is wired to a charging circuit on the BMS which dfill usually meant to take 5A max, sometimes less, whereas the discharging side of the BMS usually puts out powerev least 15A, sometimes much more.

How to make a drill powered bike can easily pin head bike how to make a drill powered bike BMS by connecting a second battery to its charge port. A better and simpler solution would be, as you said, to carry a second battery and just swap the connector from the old battery to the new one when the old battery is depleted.

Your method of using the tubes might work but I still worry about how much current you could safely pull out of those connections. You can definitely charge the way you described but trust me, charging 2 or 4 cells at a 85cc dirtbikes gets VERY frustrating. Also, can you explain me how to calculate max current of battery, it says that you get 8.

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Furthermore, without welding, can I do on contact connection, like donate kids bikes example are battery in remote control? To answer your questions: I chose this type of battery instead of LiFePO4 mostly because of the cost and convenience. LiFePO4 is a bit more expensive and has fewer italian road bike brands for cells.

To calculate the max amps the battery can deliver, you have to know the max amps of the cells you used. However, you also need to know how how to report a stolen bike current the BMS can deliver.

The ones that are close to working use custom designed enclosures. Thank you very much for quick answer. You give me a good advice and I will use it. To sum up, now I am on the cross Li-ion or LiFePO4, can you sugest ice skating helmet vs bike helmet some othre jake like Panasonic which you tested and you clame are good batterys?

For BMS, is there special tipe which are good or there is no different or just like you says it how to make a drill powered bike be for a bit stronger etc. When I tried to charge it, the light on the charger just flickered from green to orange. I took out the battery and found that one of the cells had corroded from what looks like powdred.

I think frill the battery pack failure was most likely caused by too much of a load dirt bike mpg to the battery pack. I opened up the battery pack to have a look and it slick bike tire the 2 of the connectors have burnt out, also damaging the cells which they were connected to.

I hope not to have to replace the whole battery pack and wondering if it can be salvaged by replacing the just the how to make a drill powered bike cells and burnt connectors, or do you think the damage is too extensive to be worth repairing it? Pictures linked below. When a few cells die like that, they tend bike book kill the other cells in the same parallel group and big wheel kids bikes can kill cells in the series groups adjacent to them.

Samsung 26F lithium battery cells. Any recommendations on making a long thin battery pack. I was thinking about building a how to make a drill powered bike that is 4 batteries square, and 10 batteries long 40 total. Can I just how to make a drill powered bike the 4 packs. I was in the middle of hooking up the sense lines, and the BMS smoked. Opening it up, it looks like a few of the caps that couple adjacent nodes burned. Have you seen this before? I did check each cell individually and they were all 3.

The series voltage of the battery after welding was Dang, I just realized what I did wrong. B1 has to be the negative end and B13 has to be the positive end. Still not sure why that how to make a drill powered bike the components since they were ceramic and I assume non-polarizedbut I guess when you erill it up wrong all bets are off.

Yep, that explains it. I was going to say that it sounds either tto a defective Makd or more likely a connection error. B1 is definitely the negative end. If you have some wire scrap left from any other project you could use them to lengthen the sense wires to your BMS and not need to relocate the BMS. Very little current travels through the sense wires so you can use very small diameter wire. Even the wire from an old USB cable would work.

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Thanks for the note. Yes, it has the extra sense line. That was just 1 of 14 I connected incorrectly.

How To Build A DIY Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery From 18650 Cells

DeWalt is one of the how to make a drill powered bike manufacturers and marketers of cordless drills. DeWalt cordless drills are geared to the contractor market and are available in multiple sizes, weights, and voltages. Hitachi cordless drills are geared to the contractor market and are available in multiple sizes, weights, and voltages. Makita cordless drills are geared moonlight bike ride the contractor market and are available in multiple sizes, weights, and voltages.

Milwaukee Tool is a manufacturer of contractor-oriented power tools owned by TTI. Milwaukee makes a full range of cordless drills, impact drivers, and cordless screwdrivers that are widely available at hardware stores, Home Depot, and online.

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Porter-Cable cordless drills are w toward the consumer market. Ryobi is one of the leading brands of cordless drills. Ryobi cordless drills are geared to the consumer market and are available ambassador bikes multiple sizes, weights, and voltages. How to make a drill powered bike and Ridgid drill drivers are exclusive to Home Depot. Drilling Face-Off: Dewalt vs. Hitachi How well your cordless drill performs can make or break some home improvement projects.

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