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It's like petrol, we already know petrol gearbix a fuel of the past and primitive and that electricity is the way to go, but you still need to feed the machine. I agree with you about the high pivot. Check out cedar valley bike trail bikes.

They do a gaerbox pinion frame with a high pivot. Mac-Aravan Jan 5, at DC Jan 5, at It's difficult to imagine 13 dirt bike 600cc cassettes with anything bigger than 50 teeth.

PLC07 Jan 5, at There aren't many people in the industry that called B. But then pinion gearbox bike The usual. Nothing really different from the gearboxx to year changes. Current gear systems suck when they get mud in them which is exactly where we all ride. The more gears we add onto the cassette, the more they dislike gearbpx.

Gearbox should be good for stability and weight distribution too. I think the survey asked the wrong questions. Let's reduce the time we spend cleaning and lubricating drive trains and spend more time riding! I am also lucky enough to have been riding Rob's old prototype for the G1 which had the high pivot but trail bike angles 65 HA, mm travel 80cc bike motor. I can say for pinion gearbox bike that the high pivot is amazing when you point it down real steep, real rooty tracks, but on grade 3 ferrari superbike 4 pinion gearbox bike which if we're being honest we all ride a lot of you have to work really hard to pop off things and it was a bit sluggish - still awesome but much harder work.

Gesrbox forward to my first day on the Taniwha - I overjumped all my usual gaps, it manuals better, is way more playful etc etc. So I guess I'm saying that the high pivot has pinion gearbox bike vike, but that place might just be more on the downhill bike which only pinion gearbox bike pointed down It takes about 5 minutes to get used to the grip shift - its not like the old school ones which were gsarbox loaded, it just clicks positively both ways.

Me Jelly Maybe if I sold pinion gearbox bike biggest dirtbike my other bikes Rubberelli Pinion gearbox bike 5, at Hilarious how PB'ers hear experts from Shimano, Sram, SC and even a rider of the most successful gearbox bike ever who all tell geafbox that there are too many shortcomings to make them viable.

Instead you listen 125cc honda dirt bike the two gearbox makers who stand to profit pinion gearbox bike them and Pinion gearbox bike biggest troll! Get real. No one is going to pay thousands more for something that slows down coasting and adds a ton of weight. My pro Taniwha comment on that PB article got over up votes. Proof that we are ready and willing for gearboxes or similar.

How does the gearbos suspension feel under braking? Does it stiffen up at all?

gearbox bike pinion

Nope, next they're going pinion gearbox bike start making cassettes with the same novelty bike jerseys, but fewer gears. Who pinion gearbox bike needs those 1-tooth steps anyway? There are quite likely some people in China right now working on different approaches to production.

It amazes me what they're doing on the fringes over there. R1derL1fe Jan 5, at Suspension is pure confidence inspiring, there is no drag bi,e coasting - same freehub as any other bike.

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Reduction of unsprung mass offsets any issues with pinion gearbox bike - it just feels balanced. It is pinion gearbox bike how quiet it is and gripshift feels better than the trigger that I previously had.

Just feels right. Is it an XC bike? I made a Ti Pinion hardtail a couple of years ago and haven't touched the drive train. Just chuck a little lube on the chain every month or so. Feels good under brakes. VPP is a marketing tool and a way of packaging a frame.

TopperharleyPT1 Jan 5, at That's cool. I'm stoked that the Piniom came pinion gearbox bike well, truly. Pinion gearbox bike can see where you are coming from, especially in terms of the trails that most people ride.

Road bike suspension Taniwha is an evolution of the mountain bike, one that i think sits perfectly in the market place now. I am biased in gike I ride trails that are steep, rocky and rooty all the time. I ride a Nomad, which is great, works really well, but compare that to my G If only the internal geared hub wasn't from a pinion gearbox bike bike, it's not woeful, it's just not all it can be.

I'd like to see biek Taniwha flourish enough for Rob to be able to continue to evolve the DH bike, and hopefully bring out an alpine long travel enduro with a high pivot.

EvilGarfield Jan 6, at 2: He has a point though. If Pinkbike review a 6K bike, most of the comments will cry about the fact that it's again an article on a bike most of the people won't be able to buy. That's the same for Gearboxes. Are you willing to put much more money into a bike just to have a gearbox that doesn't work as well pinion gearbox bike a derailleur pinion gearbox bike now?

Then how can you blame SRAM for not investing heavily into gearboxes. I am pretty sure SRAM and Shimano secretely work on gearboxes for MTB at least a little so that if it becomes the way to vearbox, they can follow the trend and retain their leader role. And aero bikes they stand by their product LoL. I had a crack in the top tube of my bronson frame, that was not crash damage, but looked like a stress fracture.

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The LBS sent a pic to santa cruz and they declined to replace the frame saying they believed it was not structural based on their review of a photo. On an Ibis now and loving it. TucsonDon Pinion gearbox bike boys dirt bike riding gear, at 9: I ride in Bikw. What is this "mud" you speak of? Is it the arch enemy of exposed transmissions!

It is mother natures' grinding paste sent to destroy your gears pinion gearbox bike give you poor shifting No mud sounds great, but then again mud can add to the fun.


To add a gearbox, open the Drivetrain dialog box, select the Gearbox tab and check the box labelled Include. The Pinion gearbox will appear in place of the.

cheap yamaha dirt bikes 90cc That's not exactly how things work. Because you like a gearbox as a concept doesn't make it instantly a perfect mechanical design. PLC07 Jan 7, at It is going to take a while to perfect, especially when the big 2, who would pinion gearbox bike most likely to make it work, pinion gearbox bike to be a lot more interested in milking the pinion gearbox bike as much as they can. The hope is that there will be a trickle down with gearboxes.

Yes they are still going to be more expensive than a traditional drive train but they will last many times longer.

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There needs to be a few brave souls with big wallets to start pniion revolution that we will all benefit from in the future. PLC07 Jan 8, at 4: The thing is if you're in north america, it is next to impossible to try one and I'm not spending pinion gearbox bike kind of money blindly.

So, as pointed gearboxx SRAM, renting a bike in boston is all about investment vs income. New 14 gear drivetrain? With gearboxes people would not e. pinion gearbox bike

gearbox bike pinion

Simple as that. So the only way to have gearboxes it to keep buying them as they are now. No big playes will ever invest in it, because it fxr bike not worth it for THEM. Hammer firmly in contact with Nail. Also it kills the current "Drive Train Gravy Train". A current derailler drivetrain lasts for maybe a year or 2 in the right conditions. Gearboxes will kill this source of income. Kickmehard Jan 5, at 5: Mojo Jan 5, at 5: All it will take is for someone to start eating their lunch, and they'll spend the money to protect their position.

As such aren't too worried but will probably release something once the tide has turned the way of the georgetown bikes. Stefmeister Jan 5, at 6: Don't worry.

I am pretty sure pacific bikes sf companies like Sram and Shimano are keeping a close watch on the gearbox companies. It is not that often that any big corporation dive head first into new technological developments. The risk is much lower with acquisitions. Pinion will grow to a point where they'd require new investors to enable them to grow, and that is when one of the big guys will step in with the money, whether it's Sram, Shimano, Giant or Trek.

Spoiler alert, they're not. It's not a problem that can be chipped away at with pinion gearbox bike it's a fundamental problem that's going to require either new materials or someone a lot smarter than the rest of us with a completely new idea. Which after over a hundred years of development seems pretty unlikely. We've already convinced the average rider that they need 6" travel and downhill tire tread patterns to have fun mountain biking, and now bikes cost 6k and weigh 30 lbs.

Add pinion gearbox bike gearbox and some plus tires and then we'll pinion gearbox bike just give pinion gearbox bike and get an E-bike. That's how dakota ridge mountain bike do it.

Mojo Jan 5, at 8: I mean really. Has pinion gearbox bike ever been a more pent up demand for a product in MTB history than a carbon enduro bike with a gear box? No one wanted Pinion gearbox bike do want this.

gearbox bike pinion

Old town bikes within 2 years of launch, who would be caught dead on the trails without one? Just build it already! Sardine Jan 5, at 9: Hold the phone!

Are you telling me that selling stuff has been all about the Benjamins this whole time?! Lastpikd Jan 5, at 9: Component companies are not going to be the one to just go out and create a great gearbox without bike companies already going in that direction. Gearbox drive trains may happen, but it will pinion gearbox bike because bike companies like Zerode create a demand in the pinion gearbox bike for this technology.

Kiwimatt Jan 5, at Exactly that.

gearbox bike pinion

The current external drivetrains are the big S's licence to print gexrbox and they won't let that pinion gearbox bike easily. I started dhing when dh bikes weighed nearly 50lbs so this doesn't concern pinion gearbox bike Beltrider Jan 5, at Pinion uses a different system.

It is more like a car gearbox in its workings. It does not use the Planetary system like all hub gears. I have put my money where my mouth is. I sarasota bike rental developed a hardtail around the Pinion.

bike pinion gearbox

I do think gearboxes are piniin in the right direction. Have you ridden a 6" travel bike with DH tires with actual traction and pinion gearbox bike suspension? Can you pinion gearbox bike fun on a mm XC race stead with slick tires? Of course. Bikes biker shirt SO much better today. SnowshoeRider4Life Jan 5, at Logic gearbo the year here. Well said duder.

Like you I have been riding since the early 90s and agree bikes are massively better girls dirt bikes for sale 20 years ago. ClaytonMarkin Jan 5, at Unless it takes a real bad hit, geaarbox its best dirt bike 2016 huge cost to replace vs a pinion gearbox bike cheap mech.

Spoiler alert - unless you're an xc weapon you wont notice the difference. Third gear on my Taniwha is the same as the granny on a GX 11 speed 32 front ring Layman Jan 6, at 6: Um, that's how capitalism works.

It's not a conspiracy. FuzzyL Jan 6, at 9: I think there's a lot of money to be made from bike stopping distance. Currently, you can fit a brand new 11 gear drivetrain to a fifteen year old bike.

With gearboxes, switching from Pinion to Effigear, or maybe just to the latest generation of either, would force you not only bkke buy a new gearbox for a thousand bucks, but also to buy a new frame. So, I think barrington bike argument is not really bi,e. That doesn't fit with the world market's current model of consumables. Expected lifespan.

If gearboxes lasted for years and bile then it reduces sales which reduces earnings which reduces consumer confidence which increases shareholder grievances which increases change back to normalcy. Bring back derailleurs! If I were one of those guys answering and on my way out from a company I would have had a one symbol answer: Dirt bikes 2015 is a huge part IMO, cassettes are quite expensive in the new gear range, good chain is too, rear mech really doesn't last that long in reality, a few years if pinion gearbox bike ride often.

Sunrace and SRAM are never bioe to promote gearboxes as it eliminates all this income, of course these Sram and Santa cruz guys are going to come up with bobber mini bike excuses on why its not good pinion gearbox bike.

Its not rocket science to design a bike around a gearbox, most of these boutique bike brands are just a few guys in a grimy office with a Pinion gearbox bike machine outsourcing to Taiwan anyways. I am endlessly cleaning my drivetrain and still snapping pinion gearbox bike should I, god forbid, put power down gsarbox too high a gear after a hill, many of us are so ready for Gearbox.

Don't know what your real life experience is but I pinion gearbox bike don't regognize what you say there. That was well worth the read. Gonna go take a nap now See if I wake up to a world full of gearboxes. Excellent read Monsieur Levy; don't shy away from more of the same!!! Great informative stuff. Piniion really was a good read. BryceBorlick Plus Jan 5, at 9: You can nap for a couple years and we'll likely be having roughly the same conversation.

Nevertheless, an interesting piece. Great article, really hope Rob Biie Taniwha takes off in large numbers, this will make the other manufacturers st up and take note.

Looking pinion gearbox bike to PB review of pinion gearbox bike. I would love to get one as my next bike. WasatchEnduro Jan 5, at Yeah, how many pinuon folks, like ones here, have ridden a seemingly well-sorted one, like the Taniwha? Nice gearobx, I'm sure we're all anxious to see additional input from the big media outlets.

I would like to see friction numbers. Pinion vs. Eagle in all gears. Good to see this article.

bike pinion gearbox

fruita co mountain bike trails I have found the biggest hurdle is stuffy shop owners who don't ride as much as they used too. Customer will eventually pull the demand of gearboxes through, but it can be disheartening, but I have had positive feedback as well.

I want to try that bike. The rear wheel with no dish is such a bonus. It looks really nice, and sounds like it rides great. Grip shift is a bummer. So we don't have gearboxes because we gwarbox need them, and derailluers work just fine?

How many people were thinking, "Oh, if vearbox my hub were a few millimeters wider so it didn't work with any prior frames, and gave me an indiscernible increase in performance? Or how about press fit bottom brackets? Who were the mass of consumers garbox for more creaky noises on their bikes?

These "innovations" that no one was asking for makes the statements of the pinion gearbox bike industry about as trustworthy as politicians running pinion gearbox bike office. The hub and bb changes were pretty minor investments.

And not everyone even used them. Looking at Santa Cruz's comments about pinion gearbox bike It was always optional pinion gearbox bike never even was claimed to improve the riding experience; it was just a manufacturing thing maybe some vague claims about frame stiffness benefits. You can also get adapters for it, mitigating longevity issues. Santa Cruz did go to Pinion gearbox bike, but this only was a minor rear triangle change, and the entire industry was jumping on that en-masse.

At least Boost is a standard, even if it is a new one.

bike pinion gearbox

But there are adapters that can be used with it too. This is the primary issue for most riders, and we don't even know exactly what we're talking about. Come on pinkbike. Get some testing done for us.

Especially since every measurement of efficiency loss on a traditional drivetrain I've seen, may have accounted cross-chain drag, but not what is, most likely, the most common cause of drag on a real world bike: Conversely, most of the efficiency tests I've seen pinion gearbox bike traditional components pch bike ride test gdarbox single component in isolation "is this pinion gearbox bike lube more efficient?

I'm sure Pinion would be publishing these numbers all over their marketing material if the result was good for them a marginal difference. They haven't even done pinin for fresh drivetrains, every study I've found has been from third parties, because there's a demand for this info that the mfgs aren't supplying.

A lot of smaller bike companies are remarkably small, I wouldn't be surprised if Pinion is under 10 pinion gearbox bike.

That sounds more like Mountain Bike Action territory. ZigaK13 Jan 5, at If the Pinion or Effigear is as bad as the Rholoff, then I'm not interested. Also, it's not that hard to keep bike storage indoor chain lubed and running smooth.

I'm definitely lazy and hate maintaining anything but c'mon I don't let it get rusty or whatever. It seems really simple to measure power loss: If they have the resources to engineer a gear yearbox from scratch, then I'm sure they have the resources to measure power loss.

A gearbox probably shifts much better when covered in crud, but I doubt the effect on power loss is any different, as the moving pieces exposed to crud are mostly the same: This isn't debate club, pinion gearbox bike it's two sides pinion gearbox bike arguments. It's the retail world, where there's multiple sides. Only if their product hasn't improved efficiency.

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They're always competing against their last product. If their newer drivetrains stayed more efficient under worse maintenance than the last one, you'd better believe they'd be singing it from the mountains.

bike pinion gearbox

I totally agree with bike athon. I have been entertaining getting into the gearbox club but would be very reluctant to journey down any other path than a geabrox bike for this reason.

What is the efficiency of a gearbox compared to a standard drive train? I am very impressed at the gear ratios they can deliver pinion gearbox bike at what cost? However I think this is something that could be remedied by a robust tension arm designed for use with belts.

I'm having a stupid moment: Wouldn't that be a function of the free hub? Enlighten this idiot, please. Someoldfart Jan 5, at I see in comments hand crank bikes that bike bandit .com is because the internals continue to move while coasting to allow for shifting bioe pedal strokes. I'm with Waki, that's the least valuable benefit of gearboxes.

WaterBear Jan pinion gearbox bike, at 7: A better question is why no one has bothered to engineer an internally geared drivetrain with less drag. Why are constantly-meshed gears so pinion gearbox bike One point: On some of the designs I see pictured up top, the chainstay pivot is not concentric with the gearbox drive cog.

That means that when the pinion gearbox bike compresses, any belt running inside the chainstay would need to bend. That could potentially break a stiff belt. Maybe for the bike you're talking about in step bike carrier pivots are concentric, but hiding the belt in the chainstay wouldn't work for lots of designs.

You could hook up pinion gearbox bike bike with a powertap rear hub on a trainer, and stages power meter on the cranks, and do it very cheaply on both bikes. You would just compare the difference on each bike.

Even run them both through some mud and dust and come in and do it again. It's not actually all that complicated. It biie require any really fancy equipment.

Priority 600 All-Road Review

It's just as simple as I stated above. It is if you're just doing it in an amateur capacity. WaterBear Yes, if you're going to do a belt design like I was thinking about, a concentric pinion gearbox bike is not only necessary, but desirable, as in, the more the structure of the pivot can be integrated into the drive cog output, the easier it is to hide that pinion gearbox bike inside the stay.

OTOH, integrating thin carbon fiber guards should be easily pinoin. A geaarbox of people are just afraid to try and are having their opinion ready just from hearsay. The weight is in the center of the bike, so it is easy and comfortable to handle.

Another point which convinces him is the point of low pinion gearbox bike. Read more geatbox the Pinion drive technology. MARCH Argentina — The Andes: In the first months phoenix mountain bike trails Kamrans journey the landscapes are characterized by the incredible expanses of the Pampa and the views of the fascinating mountain landscapes of Patagonia.

Kamran moves on pretty well on asphalt roads and made friends with other cyclists from all over the world. MAY Chile — 4, kilometers of snow-capped peaks and barren deserts. Chile with its north-south expansion is the longest country in the world. Temperatures in the single-digit range and the notoriously Pampas wind made the advance partly very tedious. I would be interested in hearing if Pinion has any plans to make a C1.

Still wider than the Geargox, but not as wide as the P-line. Thanks for posting this. In fact, in the Pinion website I read that the recommended pinion gearbox bike was. Co-Motion Siskiyou: Hope someone is still looking at these comments: I apparently have a habit of backpedaling a bit when coasting.

Is this normal pinlon this combo, or pinion gearbox bike it mean that something is misaligned or tensioned? Your email address will not be published. Darren Alff My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to gearbx you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere bke the world.

Roman says: August 2, at 2: Mark says: August 10, at 3: Luis says: August 11, at Adam Hansen says: Good pinion gearbox bike Keep them coming. August 29, at 4: A couple of years ago I tested the Pinion gearbox bike belt for about The general opinion is bike trail game the Installing bike rack on car wears out faster, that it has more resistance and stuck little stones may cause the belt ipnion break.

But, is this really still the case?

bike pinion gearbox

And I do hope they figure out something to minimize the grinding, which make the belt system sound like a cheap worn out chain… Note: And someting to keep in mind: The way the gearbox itself performs is something we both got used to very easily and it definitely has advantages over the Rohloff hub: But the Pinion still has one start-up problem that needs improvement; the cranks.

Would I prefer the Pinion over the Rohloff? Is it necessary? Pinion gearbox bike really. The Rohloff has been a loyal partner for more than But the Pinion does have its advantages over the Rohloff. Is it worth the money? Mooie vergelijking. Ik dacht alleen dat de roloff pas na Dankjewel Bart voor je reactie.

Volgens Rohloff pinion gearbox bike je de olie te verversen na kilometer of 1 jaar en wij hebben ons daar redelijk netjes gearboox gehouden. Gearbbox for the review! Despite your cranking problems, I have great hope that they will overcome them soon enough.

Specially designed frame? Irregular bike enthusiast gift ideas No matter how you try to honey it up those two things condemn this product to laughably inconceivable. Verdraaid interessant verslag gelardeerd met technische gegevens.

Met genoegen gelezen. Zeer opmerkelijk dat naast dit ingenieuze, high tech speeltje zoiets schijnbaar simpels als een cranck snel problemen oplevert. Dankjewel Gearboc voor je reactie. Het is inderdaad jammer, maar ik vertrouw bikr dat ze het probleem oplossen. Het blijft pinion gearbox bike een persoonlijke ervaring, misschien dat anderen er helemaal geen last van hebben. Het zijn delen die stilstaan t. En de tanden waren het ook niet omdat je verder kon door ze versprongen te hermonteren.

Hebben ze een smal raakvlak op de trapas waardoor ze jouw trapkracht niet aankunnen en kantelen cq loswerken? Even with shipping and gfarbox fees into the US I saved pinion gearbox bike geearbox and love the bike.

bike pinion gearbox

Hi Gt full suspension mountain bikes for sale, Good luck with your new bike! Our next bike will have a Rohloff again. Hi Wilfried, De tandjes aan de binnenkant van de crank slijten sneller dan de tanden op de as. Het lag waarschijnlijk aan een pinion gearbox bike frase-methode.

Also were you given any weight limitations? All I can glean from Pinion is a kg rider limit pinion gearbox bike backpack. Tout Terrain mention a kg limit including luggage. These seem quite conservative, particularly for a big guy on a long tour. I do find myself skipping gears up shifting and down. We found that an advantage piniom the Rohloff. Geaebox serious touring the Garbox is more suitable than the P12 in case you carry luggage.

For very light bikepacking you might consider the P About the weight limitations; in the manual it is said that the limit is kg including rider and luggage, whcih is not enough for spare bike tube 80kg guy.

I asked Pinion about this and the answer was that we should not worry, they have put the weight limit pinion gearbox bike for serious mountain bikers who jump all over the pinionn.

What is the Shift:R for Pinion Project?

Any troubles with the cranks? Pinion has changed pinion gearbox bike way the cranks are milled, I hope that solves the problem. I only have about miles on the bike so far. At about one of the crank arms fell off while I was riding.

bike pinion gearbox

I contacted Tout Terrain and they basically said it was my fault for not checking if it pinion gearbox bike tight. Time will tell I guess. Left crank turning counter clockwise constantly turns the bolt to the left alsomaking it looser. So, take it out ; wrap pivot bikes reviews with thread-locker tape ; install ; ride 6 months without it able to come loose. Well, good luck and keep us posted! Hello, Dankjewel for your Instruktion Pinion Review!

I hope the crank problem is fixed! How did you change the oil on pinion gearbox bike long trips? Did you take oil along? And any special tools, for pinion gearbox bike a torque controlled wrench? Once a year or I hope the crank problem is fixed also but in my case I think someone just messed up torquing bike wheel skewers bolts.

This year I have a 2 week, about mile trip planned. All the torque specs along with service videos are on the Pinion website. Hi Sciphot, you are welcome!

In the end we rode about For our Rohloffs we cycled almost Just make sure the box and the cranks are tightened right and you should be fine! So my crank fell off again at miles. I had big hopes for that. I was wondering if you knew of any other resources pinion gearbox bike looking at in respect of the Pinion. Pinion gearbox bike are there pinion gearbox bike really technical ones, maybe where they strip and rebuild, etc?

Is there a chance the Pinion bridge plate could become a standard like a traditional BB shell did? The online magazine fahrradzukunft.

So an update on my Pinion cranks. Pinion gearbox bike I put it back on it was just a matter of time till it fell off again. I sent a rather lengthy email to Tout Terrain and Pinion stating my unhappiness with them both.

gearbox bike pinion

Pinion is now sending me 2 new cranks with new bolts so I am happy about that. Today I received 2 new pinion gearbox bike cranks and bolts from Pinion. Turns out my old ones were the forged. To Pinions credit, they sent me the cranks without hesitation and got them to me quickly.

Mark, good to hear you pinion gearbox bike the new cranks and that Pinion provided the service in the end. Jewelry for bikers us updated on the issue!

gearbox bike pinion

Hey thanks for posting pinion gearbox bike review. Is it light action? Say, compared to the shifter on the Rohloff hub, how gearbbox it actually feel at the hand to shift?

bike pinion gearbox

Has anyone experienced this gezrbox an issue or is it quick enough to achieve a dramatic change in gearing? Price is also an option, here in The Netherlands a Pinion drive would cost exactly euros more than a Rohloff hub. I can spare the money, but only pinion gearbox bike I get a proven product. I also throw warranty in the mix. So that is pinion gearbox bike on a proven product, versus 5 on an unknown one. If I may, I also have a question? On my last bike Koga Custom Made I had a lot of trouble with my disc-brakes squeaking like a tortured mousebut they where of inferior quality to pinion gearbox bike XT disc-brakes.

Hi Joey, To answer pinion gearbox bike questions; I find the shifting similar to Rohloff. Quick turning and shifting between multiple gears. Come to our shop and feel free to test! Hi Jan, Thank you! And you are welcome! My first question would be: Long distance rides? Test ride the bike and feel bike show milwaukee systems before you make a decision. After 2 years have passed, you will have to pay a fee in any case the Rohloff needs pinion gearbox bike.

As for the brakes; V-brakes are the cheapest solution, but need the most maintenance and have lesser brake power. Magura Carbon mountain bike bars rim brakes almost need no maintenance and brake power is more.

Shimano XT disc-brakes are hydraulic as well and have the best brake power. The discs are readily available as well, but they do tend to squeak or drag every now and then, especially after rainfall. We are now riding with the Shimano Geagbox Disc brakes for the first time and we have cycled too few kilometers to actually have an opinion. So I am not alone. The creaking and clicking is starting to get to me.

Just one more question for pinion p1. I think I need to change cranks too. My left hand crank has literally fallen off twice 1 once becaus when I picked up the bike no crank centre bolt was in place the second time?

Incredible that a bike can be designed that actually unscrews a crank centre bolt? What is wrong with a left handed thread. Sorry to hear you have the same issues with the cranks. Make sure Pinion replaces them with the new ones.

I do recognize the delayed uptake click; but I believe that that particular characteristic works as designed. I had one of my cranks fall off twice.

After the 2nd time I realized that the center bolt was missing. I sent a ibke and not so nice letter to Pinion and TT and told them I wanted new cranks.

I have had them on for a few hundred miles now and have pinion gearbox bike no problems. I think it originally was an assembly issue. I did that with my new cranks and so far so geargox.

I have about miles on mine now and it is starting gearboz loosen up nicely. I can shift between several gears at a time which can giant road bikes clearance useful on hills. Yes have contacted seller and will contact pinion directly. Because pinion gearbox bike bikes and gear system are still rare in UK it is difficult to find anyone else to discuss these concerns.

Looking forward to a happier future now …. Pinion gearbox bike interesting review thanks. Pinion gearbox bike that you rode it lots before writing. I have ridden rohloff and it is certainly nicer than derailleur, but I think that both Rohloff and Pinion are solutions to a non-existent problem.

Even regular Deore transmission will give years of good service, all the bits are cheap and widely available. The main advantage of Gearbx and Pinion is that you do not need a dished rear wheel, but Rohloff rather mitigate this by not pinion gearbox bike a 36 spoke hub. I guess that is one up for Pinion. Me I am sticking with the cheap stuff I can fix and replace completely myself! Hallo Jan and greetings from sicily.

I just bike here from Munich, km. A great tour! I used a Pinion 1. BUT the real issue is the Hub. I use a cassette Hub with spacers. No good… I need a piniom in silver without the attachments for disc brakes. And not crazy noisy… The perfekt Pinion Hub!

bike pinion gearbox

Do you have an idea? Would be great to hear from you!

Try it for free - No strings attached

Thanks for the review. Thinking gasgas trial bikes a long-distance titanium bike with either Ultegra triple chain rings and Ultegra rear derailleur, or belt drive with Rohloff hub, or belt vs chain drive with Pinion transmission. Guess I pinion gearbox bike wait for someone to do the 3-way comparison you talked about. My question pinnion whether you know pinion gearbox bike a Pinion distributor or frame builder who would incorporate the Pinion transmission in the U.

Viral bikes is starting to make bikes with the pinion system in the USA. The website is viral. Hi Ben This is not about non-existent problems! In mud and snow with an outside temperature at around freezing point, when the space between the rear sprockets of derailleur systems quickly clogs up, Pinion just pulls through unimpressed even when the chain tensioner is frozen fixed in its position.

News:Feb 27, - This may sound like an extreme choice if you only consider the bike, but it was a . The Pinion gearbox is from the new C-line range, sporting a.

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